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#1 - SS / P

Alex Kermendy

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

Highschool: Waukesha West '13

College: Carroll University '18

Rebel Since: 2016


Alex Kermendy was born with a baseball in his tiny little hands. From the beginning, his parents knew he would amount to something special. His early playing days include a stint with the Waukesha Firebirds and Waukesha Blazers. He played for Coach Montez at Waukesha West where he played SS and pitched. After high school, he starred for the Carroll University Pioneers in Waukesha, WI. While at Carroll, he began his career with the Rebels. He can be found roaming the middle infield and tracking down fly balls in the outfield. A lover of the high pitch, he hasn't found a high fastball that he hasn't enjoyed swinging at. 

When not on the baseball field, Kermendy can be found behind the wheel of a Waukesha County Sheriff police car. That's right. Officer Kermendy, when not robbing people of base hits, is stopping the real world of all sorts of bad guys. He lives in Waukesha and is engaged to be married in the summer of 2022. 


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