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Genesee Baseball History

Genesee Baseball has a long history, dating back to its inception in 1922. Over the years, the players, managers, fans, location of games, and even team names have changed, but one thing remains the same. Baseball has been a staple in the Genesee community for 100 years and we are hoping that doesn't change any time soon. This page attempts to reflect some of the history of Genesee Baseball with special nods going to the Genesee Twins and the Genesee Rebels. 

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Genesee Baseball is Born

In the summer of 1922, the first Genesee Baseball team took the field for action in the first Land O Lakes baseball season. 

Pictured above is Ben Keuehl c.1922 Genesee's first Hall of Famer. 



Genesee Baseball Thrives

Genesee Baseball thrived in the 1930's. This image highlights a team from 1937 who won a state championship tournament at Borchert Field in Milwaukee. 


Dick Pronold invited to Brewer's Camp

Dick Pronold, brother to Genesee Hall of Famer is pictured here after receiving an invite to a Brewer's camp. At the time, the Brewer's were a minor league affiliate of the Braves. According to his grandson, Dick played for Genesee after high school and before entering the war. After the war, he moved to Milwaukee where he played for Golden Guernsey in an Industrial league for many years. He was told that he "hit well enough" but "didn't have the arm" for the show. 

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Genesee Twins

The Genesee Twins were a force to be reckoned with in the 1980s and 1990s. The team gathered its name from the "twin" cities of Genesee and Genesee Depot. Home games were played at Genesee Town Park and most of the roster consisted of players who were born in and around the area. 


Birth of the Genesee Rebels

There was too much interest in baseball in the town of Genesee for just one team. A group of guys got together and formed the Genesee Rebels. This offshoot of the Genesee Twins continues today. The Rebels also played their home games at Genesee Town Park. 

div champs 91.jpg
div champs 91.jpg

1991 & 1992

Southwest Division Champs

The Genesee Twins won back-to-back division championships in the early 90's. A first place finish in 1991 followed up by another in 1992 put the Twins in the Grand Championships for two years in a row. 

Present Day

Team 2018.JPG

Genesee Rebels

The Genesee Rebels of today are a different breed than the teams of old. Gone are the days of "true town ball" where most of the roster consisted of players who lived just down the street and whose father and grandfather played on the team. While there is still some of that, most of the players today played high school somewhere in Waukesha County or attended Carroll University and stuck around. Many of the players today have families of their own and live in the area. 

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