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#20 - C / P

Arron Buck

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Highschool: Guilford High School, '13

College: Carroll University '17, '19

Rebel Since: 2017


Arron Buck, not to be confused with Aaron Buck the one who spells their first name correctly with two As instead of two Rs, is just a fantastic human being. Growing up in Illinois, was tough because, well, it's Illinois. He made the most of it though. Powering his way through little league where he made as many friends as he had base hits, Buck landed at Guilford High School where he had a successful high school career. Fate then brought him to Carroll University where he first met fellow Rebel and soulmate, Alex Pronschinske. The two of them share a bond that is hard to describe. You'll just have to see it in person to believe it or really put words to it.


While at Carroll, Buck caught for the Pioneers for a few years before focusing on his studies. Apparently it paid off because he is now a doctor. Not like a real doctor who helps people but the fake kind that call themselves doctors but are really Physical Therapists disguised as doctors. All kidding aside, the dude's really smart and knows his stuff. He recently bought a house, albeit in Illinois, but close enough to some major roadways so that he is still able to make it to most Rebels games this summer. That's dedication! The Rebels may need to chip in for some gas money to make sure he keeps coming back. Buck looks to possibly get back on the mound for the Rebels who discovered that he actually has a nasty slider when he pitched a few innings for them back in 2019. With Arron on the mound, the Rebs will be sure to show their opponents that the buck stops here.....ok that was terrible but I felt like I had to get it in there. I'll see the jug. 


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