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Fleigle run.jpeg

#7 - 2B / SS

Ethan Fleigle

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

Highschool: Waukesha West, '16

College: Carroll University

Rebel Since: 2017


Ethan Fleigle got his start like many of his former Rebels on the streets of Waukesha. Growing up, he graced the diamond on the same team as Alex Kermendy and Brett Zickert. At Waukesha West, he grew notorious for not only his hustle and amazing ability to get his uniform dirty even before the first pitch, but also for his loud and sometimes bizarre "baseball talk" comments being hurled from out of nowhere. It was in high school that he also came into his own as a bowler. If you thought Fleigle was a smooth middle infielder, you should see him rollin at Sunset Bowl. Once his stellar baseball career comes to an end, you'll be sure to find him on the lanes where he has not one, but two 300 games to his name. If only he could hit for a 300 average we'd be in business! 

When not on the diamond, you can find him working at the alley, camping at Jellystone, or wandering aimlessly through Waukesha County looking for something to do. His schooling in Finance and Marketing will hopefully get him into the world of Financial Analysis which just sounds riveting... Fleigle has been called the heart and soul of the Rebels as his hard work and positive attitude has been incredibly helpful, especially when the Rebs need someone to calm down TJ Pflaffle after yet another hard hit line drive to right center that's snagged by the outfielder. Ethan is the Pflaffle whisperer! Hopefully a Rebel for years to come, if you don't know Ethan, you should. 


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