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#9 - 3B

Kyle Stasik

Hometown: Greendale, WI

Highschool: Greendale, WI '05

College: Unknown

Rebel Since: 2012


Kyle Stasik, born with mullet on his hand and a shovel in his hand, is entering his 10th season as a Rebel. A childhood friend and mentor to former Rebel, Matt Bauer, Stasik kept Bauer on the straight and narrow from the very beginning. Who knows where Matt Bauer would be today if it wasn't for the support and guidance of Stasik. A genuine and stand-up guy, Kyle showed from an early age that he almost had what it took to succeed on the diamond as he racked up an astounding 3 Championship Runner-Up finishes in little league. While that experience could leave some feeling defeated, it lit a fire under Kyle which still burns today. When he's not pulling a hamstring rounding first base on a routine double to the gap, he's probably playing more baseball at The Rock or pounding the pavement as an Equipment Operator for the City of Greendale. Stasik has already claimed the 2021 comeback player of the year award, so it's now just a manner of formality. When he's not fielding grounders at the hot corner, he's impressing his teammates with his baseball-isms on the bench. Kyle Stasik. Say the name. You won't forget it. 


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