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#2 - OF

Matt Bauer

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Highschool: Greendale High School '04

College: Carroll College '08, N. Illinois U '13

Rebel Since: 2007


Matt Bauer was born and raised in Greendale, Wisconsin where he excelled at nearly everything. He was the King Midas of Greendale. He never met an argument that he didn't think he could win and never shied away from giving his opinion on everything. After an unremarkable little league career and a high school career that was slightly better than average, he landed at Carroll College where he played both Football and Baseball. After college, he took his skills to Norther Illinois to finish his studies and become the lawyer that he always wanted to be. Seriously. The Rebels have a lawyer on their team. He brings the IQ of the team way up. When he isn't practicing with the Rebels, he practices law in Milwaukee. His parents, Joe and Ginny are some of the most loyal Rebels fans you will ever meet. He currently lives in Milwaukee with his wife Ally and his dog Dean. 

Pictured above is clearly not Matt Bauer, but rather his nemesis / best friend / soul mate / kryptonite, former Rebels legend Chris Elliott. Elliott has inspired Matt to be a better father, ball player, person, and to never eat the wings from InCahoots after seeing Elliott put so many of them away over the last 15 years. They fight because they love each other. It's the Rebel way. 


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