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#12 - INF

Nick Heckenkamp

Hometown: Pewaukee, WI

Highschool: Homeschool SWCHA Saints, '08

College: UW-Whitewater, '13

Rebel Since: 2009


Nick Heckenkamp is one of the longest tenured Rebels who has been with the team since 2009. Growing up in Pewaukee, Heckenkamp had a glorious childhood full of time on the golf course and tearing up little league baseball. One of his biggest achievements in little league was being struck out by JJ Watt on three straight pitches. At that point in his life, he had yet to master the skill of "ducking under" chest high strikes, a skill that he has since mastered and used to walk his way into the record books as one of the all-time leaders in the "walks on pitches that were actually strikes but he ducked" category. Along with ducking under pitches, Heckenkamp is known for he unusually quick and fast walk which leaves many onlookers baffling at how quickly his legs can move. A catcher, infielder, and everything in between, Nick is a Rebel for life. 

After graduating high school in which he was the star student, valedictorian, class president, head of the chess club, captain of the debate team and all around great guy, he went off to be ruined by UW-Whitewater. Despite the best efforts by his fellow classmates at UW, Nick graduated with flying colors and hasn't looked back. He is currently an Audit Manager at Vrakas CPAs and Advisors, which means, he is pretty smart and really good with numbers. Something else Nick is good at is producing multiple offspring as he and his wife welcomed their second child in the spring of 2021. This new found father of two has been an integral part of the Rebels and hopefully will continue to grace them with his presence for years to come. 


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