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Assistant Manager

Tim Thelen

Hometown: Cold Spring, MN

Highschool: St. John's Prep High School

College: Creighton University

Rebel Since: 2016


Tim Thelen was born and raised in Central Minnesota where he has been a baseball player and enthusiast since he could walk. His entire family lived to play sports and baseball was the one that has always stuck for him. He graduated from St. John's Prep High School in Collegeville, MN and then went on to Creighton University in Omaha. He played amateur baseball every summer since he started high school including several years on the Minnesota State Class A Champions. After college, he took a few years (decades) off to focus on his family and career. 


Upon settling here in the Genesee area, Thelen decided it was time to come back to baseball. In his own words Thelen says, "The Genesee Rebels have been absolutely amazing. They have allowed me to help teach things, coach them and assist Matt with managerial things. Small town baseball has always been a part of my life  and I am so thankful that the Rebels have allowed me to give back in this way." As a part of the Rebels, Tim has been an integral part of their community-building-efforts as well as promoting the team. The number on confidant of Coach DeMarais, his "rocket arm" keeps Rebels hitters off balance and guessing during pre-game batting practice claiming, "They won't throw it straight in the game, why should I throw it straight now!"


A few of his Rebels highlights includes multiple stunning innings at first base in a game against Racine, waving runners around 3rd base regardless of where the ball is from the outfielder and, remarkably, getting nailed in the back by a warmup pitch thrown by the Rebels own Alex Pronschinske that traveled 150 feet and snuck through the slats in the back of the dugout to drill Thelen square in the kidney as he innocently watched the game unfolding in front of him. The sickening THWACK of the ball as it met his back and the ensuing moans of pain and agony from Tim while writhing on the ground will forever be etched in the mind of the few Rebels who were lucky enough to witness that physics-defying-feat. While he claims it was unintentional, that's between Pron and Coach Tim. 

Thelen and family have lived in the area now for over 15 years. They are small town oriented and are here to help the community grow and be stronger than ever. You may recognize the name Thelen from local billboards. He began Thelen Funeral Services in 2014 and is so appreciative of the community for allowing them into their families to help when there is a death. Tim's philosophy has always been to help families through their darkest of days. "I believe that the families job is to grieve and the reason you chose our funeral home is to  handle the details of making your loved one's life celebration special." Thelen is a Certified Grief Counselor, Certified Crematory Operator and Licensed Insurance Intermediary. 

In the words of Tim, "If you ever want to stop in and talk funerals, or better yet……baseball, my door is always  open. I love to hear from community members and the stories you all have here are awesome.  Please, stop on in and lets talk BASEBALL!"


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