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#27 - C

TJ Pflaffle

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

Highschool: Waukesha South '16

College: Carroll University '21

Rebel Since: 2017


TJ Pflaffle, the man of many names, got his start in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Pflaffle grew up playing multiple sports, competing with his siblings (who are considered by many to be more talented than he is), and working hard on his flow. TJ stormed through youth baseball and was a standout player at Waukesha South High School. Although his current teammates from Waukesha West and Waukesha North often beat up on him during his high school playing days, he doesn't hold any grudges. Well, maybe a few. He is currently in his 5th or 6th year (one can never tell) at Carroll University where he has emerged as a leader of the Pioneers. In the summer, TJ has become one of the best defensive catchers in Land O Lakes and is feared by right field foul lines and batting helmets everywhere. Interesting tidbits about TJ include the fact that no one knows his first name. If you listen carefully to Rebels PA Announcer, you will notice that he is often referred to as "Tank", "Terrell", "Tyler", "Terry", and more. Another interesting anecdote comes to us via the golf course where Pflaffles rage at slicing his tee shots mixed with an unfortunate incident involving a tree and an iron led him to the emergency room. Regardless, one thing is for sure. If Pflaffle can keep his rage in check, his future is bright. Or perhaps, it is his inner rage that burns the brightest. He is slated to graduate from Carroll at some point in the future and get some sort of job. 


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